Elder… Statesman for California

Posted by Ed Crane on  August 5, 2021
It’s only one poll, but it’s a shocker. A survey of 11 hundred Californians, conducted by Surveys USA and The San Diego Union Tribune shows voters are not only poised to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, but by a wide margin. 49 percent want the Governor to Go, 40 percent want him to stay. That 11 percent of undecided voters could push Newsom out. In this $276 million dollar process, a bit less than 6 weeks

Murphy’s in the Cockpit

Posted by Ed Crane on  August 5, 2021
I can’t say I rigidly obey every law on the books. Some are dumb. Others, just too tempting to break. Who among us on an empty freeway have defied the 55 mile per hour speed limit and edged up to 60 miles per hour or better? But the one law I don’t mess with is the one that seems to foil me anyway. Murphy’s law. Which basically states, anything that can go wrong, will go
Here we go again. 17 months after COVID 19 came roaring out of China–reportedly leaked from a lab whose research was partially being funded by the U-S, new cases are rising. Mandatory wearing of masks is coming back in Sacramento and a number of other California counties. The so-called infectious disease experts, who seem to change their view as often as most people change their underwear now warn COVID 19 could be a constant unless

Lives of The Rich and Interviewed

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 28, 2021
The death of Jackie Mason, maybe the last of a generation of the so-called Borscht Belt comics, brought to mind one funny story and triggered a celebrity headcount. Working on air since 1980, running into or interviewing celebrities is depending on one’s point of view, one of the perks of the job or an occupational hazard, Sometimes the rich and famous were in the news, sometimes they were the news, but most of the time,

The Golden Fleece

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 27, 2021
From Gavin Newsom to Joe Biden, even back to Donald Trump, pandemic related stimulus, payroll protection and unemployment payouts have been so hefty most of us have forgotten how much the state and federal governments fleece us when pathogens from the Far East aren’t trying to kill us or our economy. I started to think about this a few weeks back, when the state of California invited me to pay $410 dollars for the privilege