Posted by Ed Crane on  July 22, 2021
It’s a funny society we live in. Say the wrong word, express the wrong thought, deviate from the politically correct program and you could lose a friend or a job or a career. These cultural censors seem to be everywhere. But on television these days, it seems anything goes. Now if a program offends me–and it takes a lot to offend me, I’ll change the channel. I don’t have that option with commercials, because you

Newsom’s A Nuisance

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 21, 2021
Unlike some people I know, and a growing number of Californians I have not, have been hell bent on recalling Gavin Newsom as Governor. He’s a showboat, he’s hopelessly liberal and yes during the pandemic he overstepped his authority with a 15-month state of emergency, which gave him the juice to make some really questionable decisions. Like closing schools, churches, and small businesses to in theory halt the pandemic, while allowing grocery stores, big box

Back to the Basics

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 20, 2021
California is beautiful. Scoot down Highway 1, drive around Tahoe, even a trek through the farmlands of the central valley, seeing the black soil in contrast to the fresh green produce popping up to the surface can be spectacular. Then there are the lush vineyards of Napa, Sonoma, Amador and El Dorado. Our state is blessed by Mother Nature. But hold on a minute. Despite that embarrassment of agricultural riches, many people are going hungry

The News Buffet

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 15, 2021
Grab a plate and dig in my friends. The Crane’s Corner Virtual News Buffet is open. Remember, news knows no hours and doesn’t wear a mask. Help yourself to whatever news intrigues you, and feel free to share it with your friends. It appears the race is on. By 2024, will Donald Trump be living again in a big White House in DC or at another large federal facility. Like CLUB FED Lewisburg, Lompoc or

Bribery On the Bayou

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 14, 2021
It was a hot, sticky September afternoon in New Orleans. I had time on my hands and dust on my shoes, so I decided to treat myself to a shoe shine. Working feverishly on my cordovan loafers, a chatty young guy who popped a question as he polished. “You got a five on ya?” Thinking he was short on change I nodded sure. “Ok, well got a five, against your Abe Lincoln, because I bet