Gas, Groceries and Gamesmanship

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 7, 2021
During the year of sheltering, hoarding, and putting a lot of things off, I worked entirely from home–unlike my wife—a medical professional who had to be in the office or in some cases on-call at a patient’s home. I wasn’t Mrs. Doubtfire, but the domestic stuff—grocery shopping, strategic TP and Paper Towel offensives, some cooking and light cleaning fell to the guy who stayed home. For the most part we did fine–and over the past

Everybody Loves Benjamin

Posted by Ed Crane on  July 1, 2021
These past few months have been tough on Dead Presidents. Activists whose understanding of American history is roughly that of a French Poodle, have been tearing down statues of George Washington, US Grant and even the Great Emancipator, Abe Lincoln. In New York, Teddy Roosevelt’s perch outside the Museum of Natural History in New York is now history. TR’s been hauled off to storage, lest some nitwits give the Rough Rider a spray painting or

Bummer of A Summer

Posted by Ed Crane on  June 30, 2021
One or two shots and a card to prove we were jabbed against Co Vid, relaxation of the mask mandate and the re-opening of our favorite restaurants, ball parks, theme parks and other venues we didn’t think twice about until 2020, have emboldened us. We’re ready to make up for lost time, spend a little of that money we saved or Uncle Sam sent us and have some fun. Half way into 2021, there is

Shepherd Of The Fairways

Posted by Ed Crane on  June 29, 2021
How many people do we meet in a lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands? I suppose the answer depends on where you live, what you do and how receptive you are to your fellow humans. Let’s agree over a lifetime, it’s a significant number. Now, of all those people you’ve met–outside of your family, how many really touched you? Connected with you. My list isn’t terribly long, and as of this morning it’s one name shorter, but the

Salad Days

Posted by Ed Crane on  June 23, 2021
For those of you who might be listening outside of The People’s Republic of California, this Podcast is a reimagined radio feature which ran from 2008-2020 on 3 different radio stations. Mostly it was my take on current events, sometimes a tribute to someone who had passed on or on occasion satire which some humor impaired listeners took for my real opinion. A podcast which when you get down to it is radio for people