Do The Right Thing, Delta could mean death.

Here we go again. 17 months after COVID 19 came roaring out of China–reportedly leaked from a lab whose research was partially being funded by the U-S, new cases are rising. Mandatory wearing of masks is coming back in Sacramento and a number of other California counties. The so-called infectious disease experts, who seem to change their view as often as most people change their underwear now warn COVID 19 could be a constant unless the hordes of unvaccinated get the shots.

In California, 53 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. A bit more than the national average, which is around 50 percent. That number has stubbornly held steady 7 months after the vaccine’s roll out, and a few months after the tiered distribution, based on age and susceptibility to COVID have run their course.

To those of us who have been vaccinated, this is frustrating to say the least. As a connoisseur of Common Sense, I’m having a hard time understanding the reasons behind this vexing national problem. Despite 600 thousand reported COVID deaths, some Americans aren’t getting the shot because they don’t see the COVID threat as real. Others–and I have spoken to some refuse to get the shot because of politics; most, hard core Republicans think the COVID crisis was made up by democrats as a Health Crisis coup hatched to remove Donald Trump from office, Others say they’ll be damned if they’re going to get a shot on orders of the government. There’s a minority–but it seems to be growing that either fear the vaccine…developed in record time may have long term side effects, like infertility, Or—and I love this one—the vaccine isn’t really a vaccine at all–but a vehicle to deliver small tracking devices, so Bill Gates and others can track our every move.


Bringing up the rear, poor folks who can’t afford transportation to a drug store, grocery store or clinic that provides free shots; and legion of 20 somethings who can’t be bothered getting the shot because they’re pretty much bullet proof–and even if they did get the virus, it wouldn’t be much worse than a mild case of the flu. They’ve had hangovers that were worse.

It’s hard to argue with a lot of this nonsense. But let’s give it a try. If the democrats and the Chinese worked a deal to use a vaccine to oust Donald Trump, it’s tough to believe the conspirators would be so cold blooded to allow the collateral damage. More than half a million deaths in the U-S and 4 million worldwide. If the virus doesn’t exist, how come it’s been reported in every country in the globe, no conspiracy has global legs. The COVID shot came so fast, there must be something wrong with it? Technology has moved at light speed in a couple of decades. Computers fly commercial jets, in the palm of our hand we have devices that do everything but our laundry–let alone phone calls. Medical science has led to the transplant of organs and machines that literally keep the dead alive until organs or transplanted or grieving family members can say goodbye. Oh yeah–AIDS–the scourge of the 80’s is no longer a death sentence. The list goes on. As for the government can’t make me argue, I liken that to the seat belt mandate. You can’t be forced to buckle up. If the cops catch you driving restraint free, you’ll get a ticket. Big Deal. But you might hurtle through the windshield if there’s a collision. Much bigger deal.

Can’t get a ride to the clinic or drug store. You manage to get groceries and medicine. You could and should find a way.

It’s true that in rare cases, some fully vaccinated Americans have acquired COVID, and some have died. But the number is less than one percent. Extremely rare–and health officials say, not unexpected. No vaccine is perfect. But Vegas wouldn’t be on COVID at odds that 99 percent of people will be just fine.

Folks on the far, far right will hate this…but getting the shot is in a sense patriotic. Do your part and we get back to 2019…and move forward. Skip the shot, for whatever reason and you are part of the problem, not the solution. Oh, one more thing. The vaccinated aren’t your problem. You’re fellow unvaccinated, mask ignoring millions leave you vulnerable, and the rest of us clueless as to why you don’t with the program.

Depending on your age and your current health, it just might be a matter of life and death.