Tehran John

Posted by Ed Crane on  April 28, 2021
Crane’s Corner, News and Comment, Sponsored in part by American River Flooring and Painting. He married into the Heinz Condiment business, now John Kerry is in a pickle. The former Secretary of State, now a member of the Biden Cabinet, the President’s Climate Change Envoy, is taking heat after a leaked recording from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in which he tells an Iranian economist he learned more from John Kerry than he did

13 Seconds in Columbus

Posted by Ed Crane on  April 27, 2021
The national collective sigh of relief, the sense that good had triumphed over evil, and the news that inner cities across America would not burn tonight, was over before it could begin. It was just a short time before the jury verdict, a trifecta of guilt for the killing of George Floyd, in the Derek Chauvin case was delivered, that another Black person was killed by police in another city. The two incidents were radically

Recipe for Disaster

Posted by Ed Crane on  April 22, 2021
CRANE’S CORNER The Internet can take you to some interesting places.  Some places you search for and some you find by accident. Places can connect you to your past, take you on a tour of the future or, in this case, spoil a treasured memory. Since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated by commercial aviation. It came from Dad. I think this was a result of his travelling the world for

Doughnut Diplomacy

Posted by Ed Crane on  April 21, 2021
It was a cold, raw kind of Sunday morning…just 4 days after the horrific shooting spree in San Bernardino, an apparently long planned terror strike allegedly carried out by a U.S. born Muslim and his bride of a few months, a native of Pakistan. I found myself in a working class area of Lodi, after taking a quick detour from Highway 99 in search of sustenance, a hot cup of coffee and maybe a little something

Justice and Shame

Posted by Ed Crane on  April 21, 2021
Nearly a year after the death of George Floyd, there is justice. Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop, who inexplicable kept his left on Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes, has been found guilty on all counts for second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Unlike George Floyd, who committed the crime of passing a bogus bill at a food and liquor mart, and faced Derek Chauvin as judge, jury and executioner. Chauvin got